What is an audiologist?

When choosing a hearing healthcare professional, it is important to understand the differences in the specialists that treat hearing disorders.  Audiologists are required to hold a Doctorate in Audiology which includes a total of 8 years of advanced education.

This education provides extensive training for the ENTIRE auditory system, permitting testing to include not just hearing, but hearing processes including the ear and the pathway to the brain.  This also includes your vestibular system (balance) which is tied to the auditory system.

When appropriate, an audiologist can refer to an otolaryngologist (ear nose and throat physician), or primary care physician for hearing losses that need to be medically managed.  Continuing education is required to maintain certifications from audiological professional organizations.

Dr. McArthur is a Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology, member of the Colorado Academy of Audiology, and is Board Certified by the American Board of Audiology.  She is  licensed in the states of Colorado and Kansas to practice audiology and is also licensed by the Colorado Department of Education to provide educational audiology services in our rural communities.

Hearing Instrument Specialists sell hearing aids and provide very basic hearing testing due to the lack of regulation of educational requirements.

Healthy hearing is important for all ages.  We do not lose our hearing because we age.  In many cases, we lose our hearing due to the excessive noise levels that we allow ourselves to be exposed to throughout life.  At McArthur Audiology, our mission is to promote safe hearing for all ages.  Education about hearing loss prevention is just as important as identifying and treating existing hearing loss.

Symptoms of hearing loss can include:

  • Trouble hearing when background noise is present
  • Ringing, buzzing, or noises perceived in the ears or head
  • Excessive loudness of the television or telephone
  • Trouble with high pitched sound discrimination like children, women, beep indicators, birds, etc.

McArthur Audiology provides Hearing Protection Education and devices such as:

  • Custom Ear plugs for every occupational or recreational situation
  • Ear Muffs, foam, and rubber ear plugs.


“Farmer Lobe” is a mannequin with a sound level meter in his ear to check for safe sound levels of personal music players.