Hearing aids are devices that treat hearing loss and tinnitus.  Appropriate hearing aid recommendation and fitting is imperative for the patient to receive the ultimate benefit. Patient centered consultation focused on individual listening needs as well as personalized training and counseling helps to ensure the success of hearing aid fittings.

Dr. McArthur is knowledgeable about many different manufacturers and products to ensure that the most advanced technology can be fit and explained to our patients in a way that is easy to understand.

McArthur Audiology works with a variety of hearing aids to fit any style preference, need and budget.  There are various options in levels of technology, styles, wireless streaming capabilities, and re-chargeability available.  Hearing aids may look similar but what is inside can vary significantly.  To ensure you receive the maximum benefit from your hearing aids, we offer at least a 30 day adjustment period to allow you to experience better hearing for all of your day to day activities.

Hearing aids need regular maintenance. We clean ALL makes and models of hearing aids and no appointment is necessary.  Most often, when a hearing aid seems to be broken, it just needs a good in depth cleaning.  Occasionally parts of the hearing aid need to be repaired or replaced.  Our staff is trained to repair hearing aids and we often have the parts in stock in our hearing aid lab.  If a larger problem arises we can send them off to the proper manufacturer for repair as well.

Manufacturers we work with include: